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Telephone Cables
Product Name/Code : Solid PE Insulated & LAP Sheathed Air Core Cables to IEC 60708


construction of Solid PE Insulated LAP Sheathed Air Core Cables to IEC 60708





• IEC 60708


Solid annealed bare copper, 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8mm as per BS 6360/IEC 60228 Class 1

Solid polyethylene as per IEC 60708/BS EN 50290-2-23/BS 6234/ASTM D 1248/NFC 32-060/VDE 0207

Twisted Pairs
Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay length to minimize crosstalk

Cabling Element
Pairs or Quads

Cable Core Assembly
Cables with 100 pairs or less are composed of 10-pair sub-units; cables with over 100 pairs are composed of 50 or 100-pair units. Any extra pairs form a separate unit. Units are identified by colour coded binders. Standard construction is per IEC 60708 in Cable Make Up Diagram

Core Wrapping
One or more non-hygroscopic polyester tapes are helically or longitudinally laid with an overlap. These tapes furnish thermal, mechanical as well as high dielectric protection between shielding and individual conductors

Moisture Barrier
A layer of aluminium tape (0.15mm) coated with PE-copolymer on one or both sides is applied longitudinally with overlap over the cable core to provide electrical shielding coverage and ensure a barrier against water vapor. In cables with more than 200 pairs, the aluminum tape may be corrugated for improved cable flexibility

Black low density polyethylene as per BS 6234/IEC 60708/ASTM D 1248, being able to withstand exposure to sunlight, temperature variations, ground chemicals and other environmental contaminants

Ripcord may be provided for slitting the sheath longitudinally to facilitate its removal

Spare Pairs (optional)
Spare pairs may be incorporated in large pair cables

Continuity Wire (optional)
Tinned copper drain wire may be longitudinally laid to ensure electrical continuity of the screen

Optional Construction

Armoured Cable
Steel wire armour or corrugated steel tape armour is applied over an optional inner polyethylene sheath.For steel tape version, the steel tape is 0.2/0.5mm thick, being coated with a PE copolymer and applied with an overlap. An outer polyethylene sheath is applied over the armour

Self-Support Cables
Per CW 1252. A 7-strand galvanized steel strand is used as support wire. Black polyethylene sheath covers both core and support wire in a figure-8 construction



figue-8 telephone cable







Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Temperature range during operation (fixed state): -30°C – +70°C
Temperature range during installation (mobile state): -20°C – +50°C
Minimum bending radius: 10 x Overall Diameter (unarmoured cables);15 x Overall Diameter (armoured cables)

Colour Code
Standard colour code is per IEC 60708 given in Colour Code Chart

Dimensions And Weight
Solid PE Insulated & LAP Sheathed Air Core Cable to IEC 60708

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