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RJ45-RJ45 Patch Cord

RJ45-RJ45 Patch Cord complying with Component Compliancy of TIA/EIA 568, ISO/IEC 11801. (UTP/FTP/STP/SFTP Cat.5e/Cat.6 RJ45-RJ45 Patch Cord)

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Series
Fiber Optic Patch Cord Series. (ST/SC/FC/SMA/MU/FDDI/
Connector Type)




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UL 1032/CSA TR-32High Voltage Hook-up Wire UL 1007/CSA TR-64 Hook-up Wire
UL 1061/CSA AWM Semi-Rigid Hook-up Wire UL 1150 Coaxial Cable
UL 1185 / CSA TR 64 Shield Cable UL 1354 ( Cellular RPE ) Coaxial Cable

UL 1354 # 28 (AL + B) Coaxial Cable

UL RG 174 / U ( 1354 # 26 ) Coaxial Cable
UL 1430/CSA REW XLPVC Hook up Wire UL 1533 / CSA AWM SR-PVC Shield Cable
UL 1571 PVC Insulation Aluminum Shield Cable UL 1571 PVC Insulation Wire

UL 1571 Hook up Wire (Notebook Computer Cable)

UL 1571 Twist Cable (Notebook Computer Cable)

UL 1691 (FRPE) Insulation Aluminum Shield Wire UL 1691 FRPE Insulation Shield Wire
UL 1792 (CPE) Shield Wire

UL 1792 Shield Cable

UL 2464 Double Shield Signal Cable UL 2468 Flat Ribbon
UL 2562 Parallel Shield Wise UL 2791 Shield Wise

UL 2854 Shield Wise

UL 20005 Shield Wise

Control Cable Computer Signal Cable
PE PVC PCM (E1) Switch board Cable PE PVC PCM ( T1 ) Switch board Cable
JIS / CNS Coaxial Cable PE insulated (Twist pair) Aluminum Shield Cable
UL 1015/CSA AWM I A Hook-up Wire UL 2464 Single Shield Wire
UL 1107 Coaxial Cable UL 2547 / CSA AWM Shield Wire

UL 1354、1691、1792 ( PE、CPE ) Shield cable

UL 2851 Shield Wise

UL 1365 Coaxial Cable

UL 20276 X 10P LCD Signal Cable

UL 1533 / CSA AWM SR-PVC Insulation Aluminum Shield Cable PCM ( E1 ) Swith board Cable (each pair Individually shielded)
UL 1571 Hook up Wire 1C VS Optical Cable
UL 1617/CSA AWM I/II A/B Double Insulation Hook - Wire  


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